About Allantin

Allantin.com is a B2B digital buying and selling marketplace exclusively for professionals, through which European suppliers display, promote and sell their products to Professional Buyers.

It is a new and modern marketplace with a pure extroverted orientation, organized and made by modern practices and technologies, which aims to facilitate transactions between Sellers and Buyers and to ensure these transactions.

We address to European Producers, Manufacturers, Processors and Traders, who are dealing with the structure – construction – industry sector (see categories) and who are looking for new markets for their products, increasing their sales and profit.

Our Vision and Mission

Our vision is to highlight the small and really small companies of products’ output, alteration and manufacture for modern construction, structure and industry in order to make European products well-known, accessible and competitive in the modern world market.

Our mission, the exports’ orientation in an extroverted and very demanding environment of a modern world market, is to simplify communication and transactions between Sellers and Buyers, creating the largest and the most reliable digital market exclusively for professionals.