1. Verified Main Product

This service inspects products for quality. When a product has this designation, it indicates to buyers that the product is as described. It will be provided at a small cost, after verification and the administrator will set a flag that the product is verified or remove the verification.

2. Inspection Service

If businesses are interested in a product that does not have a Verified Main Product logo, they can pay for an inspection service by third-party inspectors. Allantin.com will collect the payment, but will not send it to the inspectors until the businesses receive their inspection reports. The cost depends on the country-region, there will be a relevant price list.

3. Secure Payments

Allantin.com provides secure payment when merchants buy from suppliers. Payments are only released to suppliers once businesses confirm they have received the product. It also protects suppliers, who are informed of proof of payment before the order is shipped (it will be provided at a small cost). Common payments include bank transfers, letters of credit, Western Union, PayPal and Escrow.

4. Trade Guarantee

This free service refunds businesses up to a covered amount if suppliers don’t ship on time or the quality of their product isn’t as described, or the products never reach the buyer. The amount is usually between $10 and $20,000, enough to cover the initial deposit. (up to an amount will be covered by the supplier, through a cooperating insurance company. (businesses that have the security mark for the above will be distinct on their page) In case we are talking about a large purchase amount, the buyer will be able to a hostile insurance with the cooperating insurance company).
All of the above will apply in the case of acceptance of an offer-agreement of a buyer and a supplier. A supplier who has purchased a plan and is therefore accredited will be able to more easily have all of the above (insurance)