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Acrylan Silicon is a silicone acrylic product for exterior use, which offers excellent water vapour permeability, low water absorption, long life and at the same time durable and elegant decoration. Unlike other products, in addition to excellent resistance to UV-radiation and weathering, enables the moisture that is trapped inside the wall to escape more easily in the atmosphere which in combination with the high surface waterproofing prevents problems such as blisters, cracking, peeling and formation of mold on the surface of the building. It applies to all new or old surfaces such as plaster, concrete or surfaces levelled with putty after appropriate preparation. These features make Acrylan Silicon ideal for areas with high humidity and extreme weather conditions as well as for the restoration of listed buildings, actively contributing to maintaining the longevity and value of the building. Acrylan Silicon is a certified from the University of Athens, department of Physics as a cool paint characterized by high solar reflectance value (SR), high infrared emittance (ε) and high reflectance index value (SRI). • Maximum waterproofing and water permeability • Ideal for areas with increased humidity and pollutants • Long life, without blisters, cracks, peelings and mold formation • Certified cold color • Specially enhanced HD shades for maximum durability COLOURS Available in white and an unlimited number shades through Vitex Coloring System.SURFACE PREPARATION Surfaces should be smooth, clean and dry, free from grease, dust, loose or flaking paint. To fill any cracks or holes use Acrylic Putty. New surfaces made of plaster, concrete, cement, stucco, rendering, plaster-board or surfaces previously covered with water paints or distempers (e.g. lime wash or ceiling white) should be primed with Acrylan Unco Eco ensuring maximum water vapour permeability. APPLICATION Stir well before use. Apply two coats by roller, brush or airless spray gun diluted 8-10% with water. Do not apply at temperature below 5°C, above 35°C and / or relative humidity above 70%. Avoid application when rain or frost is expected in the next 48 hours. It is touch-dry after 30-60 minutes and can be recoated after 4-5 hours. Drying time depends on weather conditions (humidity and temperature). Allow at least 3 weeks before cleaning and washing newly painted surfaces with Acrylan Silicon. Wash gently with water using a soft sponge. In case of bad stains, use a mild colourless detergent or soapy water. Tools must be cleaned immediately after use with water and if needed with soapy water or a detergent.




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