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Plasticizer and setting retarder for mortars.

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Superior quality emulsion paint for indoor walls, plasterboards, etc. Certified according to the strictest specifications of the voluntary scheme Indoor Air Comfort ® contributing to the indoor air quality and the healthy indoor atmosphere.Replaces lime.

– Reduces the possibility of shrinkage and cracking of the mortar.
– Increases the resistance of mortars to freezing and thawing cycles.
– Particularly effective in cold weather, as tiny air bubbles in the mortar give room for the water to expand when it freezes, so the mortar is not affected.
-Increases the adhesion of fresh mortar to the substrate.
-Completely gets rid of plaster “butterflies”.
– Increases the consistency of the mortar.
– Significantly increases the strength of masonry.
– Provides economy, significantly reducing the cost of mortar.
– Frees the building from lime storage problems.
– Does not contain chlorides or other corrosive ingredients.

Color: dark brown.

Consumption: 50 g per 25 kg of cement for construction and paving. 75 g per 25 kg of cement for plasters




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Mortar Improvers

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>15 lt, 1 lt, 4 lt