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HYPERDESMO®-CLASSIC is a one-component material for waterproofing and protection, which polymerizes with atmospheric moisture and produces a particularly hydrophobic membrane. It is ideal for general use, an economical and simple waterproofing solution. It has excellent adhesion to almost all substrates. It consists of pure, elastomeric, hydrophobic, polyurethane resin which, together with special inorganic components, provides the product with excellent weather resistance.

Technical data
Hellenite and sheet metal sealing
Protection of plasterboards and cement boards
Asphalt protection
Main waterproofing membrane in car parks (part of system)
Flower protection
Insulation of terraces and balconies
Waterproofing of roofs and roofs
Waterproofing of bathrooms
Compound-free membrane
Great resistance to UV radiation
Water vapor permeability
Resistance to hydrolysis and microorganisms
Excellent thermal resistance, maximum operating temperature 80 oC
Resistance to cold, the membrane remains elastic up to -40 oC
CE: ETA-04/0082
Certification according to ETAG 005, Part 1 & Part 6
BBA: Agreement Certificate 18/5567


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