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HYPERDESMO®-LV is a low-viscosity, polyurethane-based, one-component molded elastic membrane. It polymerizes with atmospheric moisture and forms a monolithic waterproofing membrane with excellent adhesion over the entire surface. HYPERDESMO®-LV is a material of micromolecular structure with a low viscosity that allows its application with spraying machines without the addition of solvent. It consists of pure, elastomeric, hydrophobic, polyurethane resin, which, together with special inorganic components, provides the product with excellent resistance to weather conditions, chemicals, solar UV radiation, mechanical and thermal stresses.

Hellenite and sheet metal sealing
Protection of plasterboards and cement boards
Protection of bitumen and EPDM membrane
Waterproofing of bathrooms
Protection and waterproofing of terraces and balconies
Roof waterproofing, roof waterproofing
Waterproofing of parking lots
Protection and waterproofing of bridges
Dripping stages
Protection of irrigation canals
Excellent grip and point-to-point waterproofing
Compound-free membrane
Great resistance to UV radiation
Water vapor permeability
Resistance to hydrolysis and microorganisms
Covering microcracks
Chemical and abrasion resistance
One component – ease of application
Excellent elasticity
Possibility of gluing cladding materials (eg tiles) directly to the membrane
Suitable for drinking water, after polymerisation of the membrane
Easy intervention and immediate repair without labor costs


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