FIBRANgeo B-001 Stonewool Slab 1200x600x70mm, 3.6m²/parcel

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Stonewood Slabs
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FIBRANgeo B-570 semi-hard rockwool plates are an insulating material, produced industrially by melting and fibrizing rocks.

The rockwool FIBRAN geo B-570 belongs to the mineral wool category for building construction insulation, according to the European Standard EN 13162 (MW – Mineral Wool insulation products).

Field of use < /b>

In the intermediate space of vertical structural elements such as :
Between two metal cladding sheets
In the core of double-skin masonry
Ventilated face with cladding
Wall cladding with non-perforated drywall boards
Wall cladding with perforated drywall boards

In the intermediate space of horizontal structural elements such as:
Between the rafters or beams, of a wooden or metal roof
On the horizontal roof of a pitched roof nBetween the wooden floor boards
Pilotis cladding with drywall boards
Ceiling cladding with drywall boards
Suspended perforated or non-perforated false ceiling

Constructions such as:
Heat-insulating, Sound-insulating and Fireproof doors
Thermal-insulating, Sound-insulating and Fire Curtains.




Volumetric Weight

40 kg

Type of Insulation

All Kinds of Thermal Insulation, Sound


70 mm