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Water-Based Primer
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Water-Based Multi-Bond Primer

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Matt water-soluble multi-adhesion primer based on modified acrylic resins. It is suitable for indoor and outdoor surfaces. Offers increased adhesion and anchoring on difficult non-absorbent surfaces such as: galvanized iron, aluminum, copper, melamine, ceramics, fiberglass, bathroom tiles, polystyrene, as well as increased adhesion and anchoring on absorbent surfaces such as: gypsum, MDF, marine plywood , glass, PVC.

Due to its special composition, it effectively covers and fills the surface, offering excellent adhesion
even on old painted surfaces, isolating old stains. It contributes to better air quality and indoor hygiene, due to the very low emissions of Volatile Organic Compounds. It is certified with Indoor Air Comfort GOLD, the world’s most stringent indoor emission rating system.

• Great adhesion and anchoring on difficult absorbent and non-absorbent surfaces
• Isolates and covers surfaces with old stains
• Can be colored improving the coverage of the final color
• For indoor and outdoor use


Available in White and thousands of shades through the Vitex Coloring Shade Creation System. The surfaces must be clean, dry and smooth, without dust, oils, or any friable materials.
Acrylic Putty is used for filling the holes and patching any cracks. Sand the surface well and make sure it is completely dry before priming.


Dilute up to 5-10% with water for a roller or brush or 10-15% for an airless gun and stir well before use. We apply one or two layers with a roller, brush or airless gun. After it has completely dried, it is smoothed with a suitable sandpaper, the dust is removed and applied after 24 hours of water varnish or after 48 hours of Vitex solvent varnish. Nitrocellulose colors and 2-component solvent colors are not applicable.• Application at 5-35°C and <80% RH. For outdoor use, do not apply if there is a risk of rain/frost within the next 48 hours. Do not dilute the color in the container, only the amount you will need for daily application. In case of application of dark shades of final color, you can initially prime the surface with GRIP 360 Primer White as it is or colored lightly in the tone of the desired final shade, through the system through the Vitex Coloring System.




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