HCTB / HCTT Series

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Absorption/Ventilation System
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Roof Mounted Axial Flow Fans

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ELVIEX Absorption/Ventilation Systems

Technical Data
Type “A” for air intake.
Type “B” for air extraction.
Base made of galvanized steel sheet. Cap made of durable aluminum.
Impeller made of reinforced plastic and impeller body made of reinforced aluminum for types aop 450 to 1000.
Motor single-phase or three-phase 4,6,8 or 4/8 poles.
Motor protection according to IP65 (types 800 and 1000 according to IP55).
Class F insulation (types 800 and 1000 excluded).
Operating temperature from -40°C to +70°C (types 800,1000 from -20°C to +40°C).
Long-life bearings. Protective metal mesh around the perimeter
Vane dynamically balanced according to ISO1940.
Horizontal wind direction

Applications: Warehouses, Commercial areas, Swimming pools, Greenhouses, Professional kitchens, Agricultural facilities, Sports areas, etc.


Detailed Specification Chart

HCTB / HCTT Series




Mounting Accessories

BI Support base for inclined curb mounted installations, JAA Acoustic up stand, JAE N Flexible coupling, JCC Adapter for circular duct