HXBR / HXTR Series

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Absorption System
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External Rotor Axial Fans

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ELVIEX Absorption Systems

Technical Data
Plate mounted axial flow fans manufactured from high grade galvanised steel and provided with a Sickle blade impeller, low sound level, protected against corrosion by cataforesis primer and a polyester black paint finish (1), single phase external rotor motor (HXBR) or three phase motor (HXTR), IP44 (models 250 to 355) or IP54 (models 400 to 800), Class F, equipped with thermal protection and terminal box with capacitor incorporated in single phase models.
(1) Model 800: impeller motor unpainted.

Available in 2, 4, 6, 8 or 12 poles, depending on versions. Electrical supplies:
Single phase 230V-50Hz Three phase 400V-50Hz
230/400V-50Hz (models 250) Three phase motors suitable for
inverter control.
(See characteristics chart).

Additional information
Standard air direction: form (A) configuration (motor over impeller).

On request
Three phase motors 230/400V-50Hz.


Detailed Specification Chart 

external rotor axial fans(spec chart)





Single Phase, Three Phase