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For High Humidity areas

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Plastic paint suitable for painting interior surfaces in areas with high humidity and water vapor, such as kitchens, bathrooms, ceilings and basements. Due to its special composition, it prevents the growth of fungi (such as mold, etc.) on the paint film according to the EN 15457 standard. It offers great coverage, high performance and excellent whiteness. It spreads very well, giving a smooth matte surface. It can be used on surfaces of any material after appropriate pretreatment.

• Protection against fungi
• Great performance and coverage

Available in white, and thousands of shades through the Vitex Coloring System.


Available in Matt finish. Pre-work

The surfaces must be clean, dry and smooth, free of dust, oil or any friable materials. On already painted without problems and fragile areas no special preparation is required and Vitex Classic is applied directly.

Acrylic Putty or Visto is used to putty the holes and putty any cracks.

Old water-colored surfaces (with lime or glue) are primed with Acrylan Unco Eco or Durovit.

New surfaces made of plaster, concrete, bricks, plasterboards, etc., as well as spatulated surfaces are primed with Primer 100% Acrylic or Acrylan Unco Eco.

Surfaces stained by nicotine, tobacco, markers, coffee and other types of stains are primed with Blanco Eco or Vitosin.

For maximum coverage on dark and intense (such as blue, red and yellow) final shades on the surfaces to be painted it is recommended to first apply PreColor Primer colored through the Vitex Coloring system depending on the final shade.


Dilute up to 10% with water and stir well before use.

We apply the first layer with a roller, brush or airless gun.

Repaint after 3-4 hours.

Apply at 5-35°C and <80% RH.

The product must be colored exclusively with the Vitex Coloring system in the recommended coloring base.

The tools are cleaned immediately after use with water and, if necessary, with soap or detergent.

Surfaces painted with Vitex Classic are washed using a soft sponge with water and, in the case of stubborn stains, with a mild, colorless detergent, after at least three weeks of painting.


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