OXYGON – EC Salt Chlorinators

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Salt Chlorination System
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Oxygon EC salt electrolysis uses advanced micro-computer technology, making it the most environmentally friendly and energy-efficient method of chlorinating small and medium-sized swimming pools. All that is required to achieve this simple smart and safe chlorine production is salt.

Main Characteristics:
• Simple to install, use and maintain.
• Chlorine production is adjustable from 20% to 100%, using two buttons, serving different needs
• Automatic cleaning option by reversing the polarity, preventing calcium build-up, increasing the life time of the electrolysis cell.
• Displays error code enabling easy solution.
• Automatic shutdown when the temperature is high and low, protecting the unit and the cell.
• Features flow sensors, ensuring safe chlorine generation.
• It has a memory keeping the last settings before its shutdown.
• Offers safe sanitation and water quality.