Plasterboard TECHNOGIPS H2 2,50×1,20×12,5mm

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Anthygro type H2 gypsum board consists of the core (gypsum combined with special hydrophobic additives) and the coating of special high quality paper for moisture protection.


  • The dry gypsum board is intended for application in internal dry building systems for partition walls.
  • Ideal for indoor use in areas with increased humidity levels up to 70% for short periods of time


  • Increased moisture resistance Type H2.
  • They have all the advantages and properties of ordinary plasterboards.
  • Lightweight and easy to cut and fit.
  • Provides a healthy environment with controlled humidity levels.
  • Creates a strong and stable substrate, suitable for laying ceramic tiles in areas with high humidity.

Technical data

Compliant with EN 520:2004+А1:2009 : Type H2

Thickness: 12.5 mm

Weight : >8.6 kg/m²

Width : 1200 mm

Length : 2500mm

Reaction to fire : А2-s1,d0

Thermal conductivity, λ : 0.25 W/(m.K)


Volumetric Weight

19 kg