RACAGO Ravaproof Arexol Lac 17kg

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Gasoline bitumen
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RACAGO Ravaproof Arexolac gasoline bitumen 17kg

Arexol Lac is a one-component asphalt-based waterproofing product. It consists of oxidized bitumen (85/25) dissolved in aromatic solvents. In its final form (solid) it forms a glossy film, impermeable to water and very well bonded to all surfaces. It is resistant to dilute acid and alkaline solutions. It has been tested and certified by K.E.DE according to the ASTM D 41 standard.

The main use of AREXOL LAC is as a primer for the adhesion of bituminous membranes (asphalt pavements). It is used in a wide range of waterproofing applications and for the protection of exterior concrete surfaces in general and as an anti-corrosion agent for metal surfaces.

As a primer for asphalt pavements 250 gr/m2.
As a sealant 500gr/m2.

Compatible with: polyurethane, concrete, lightweight concrete, brick, plasterboard, metal and wooden surfaces
Not compatible with: Polystyrene

Consumption: 250-300 gr/m2/layer


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