RELIEF White 15 KG

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Elastomeric waterproofing paint for external vertical surfaces based on special 100% acrylic UV-crosslinking resins. It is applied to new and old surfaces made of plaster, concrete, bricks, etc. It offers a perfect finished surface, excellent resistance to adverse atmospheric conditions,
in air pollution and the coastal environment, without requiring repainting with acrylic paint. Completely covers small surface cracks and follows contractions and expansions while remaining elastic at temperatures
• Certified cool paint with special 100% acrylic UV resins • 4 in 1: paints, insulates, completely fills microcracks, breathes
• Ideal for areas with extreme temperature changes
• Specially reinforced HD shades for maximum durability
from –25°C to +110°C, giving it sealing properties at the same time. The final surface and shades remain unchanged for years, without marks and traces of rain (snail trails). Acrylan Elastic is certified by the University of Athens, Department of Physics, for its properties as a cool color and is characterized by a high reflectance value (SR), a high emissivity coefficient (ε) and a high solar reflectance index (SRI).




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