Spray HAPPY COLOR Acrylic paint SARATOGA 400ml – 88150056 – CHARCOAL GRAY (RAL 7016)

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acrylic spray paint
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  • High quality spray gen. for use with a self-cleaning valve.
  • Dries to the touch in 15′ minutes, deep in 45′ minutes.
  • Excellent adhesion and coverage for indoor and outdoor spaces, on surfaces made of wood, metal, glass, ceramics, furniture, picture frames, knick-knacks and 1000 other uses.

How to use: Carefully clean the surfaces of grease, dust, water, etc.

  1. Shake the container vigorously for one minute while holding it upside down.
  2. Spray from a distance of 20/30 cm with slow and steady horizontal movements. After a minute or so, cross again with vertical movements .
  3. In order not to run the paint, it is better to spray in more light hands.

Paint cleaning: With acetone and/or nitro solvent.

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