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Very high strength matt NANO – ACRYLIC innovative color for exterior masonry surfaces, trihybrid nanotechnology (TRIBRID NANO TECHNOLOGY: Silica – Acrylic – Silicone). It offers top quality, brighter, more color-stable and cleaner facades, since it prevents, due to its properties, the accumulation of inorganic, organic and biological pollutants (e.g. fungi, algae) over time. Its strong inorganic base allows painted surfaces to dry quickly and “breathe” when wet. Due to its excellent adhesion, it can be applied to new and old surfaces made of plaster, concrete, silicate and silicone paints, ETICS, etc. with proper preparation.

Acrylan MAX based on tri-hybrid nanotechnology, combines all the advantages of silicate, acrylic and silicone based paints offering high value to buildings where it is used as paint and protection, offering lower costs maintenance due to significantly

longer lifetime on these surfaces as well as a very low environmental footprint. Acrylan MAX is certified by the University of Athens, Department of Physics, for its properties also as a cool color and is characterized by a high reflectance value (SR), a high emissivity coefficient (ε) and a high solar reflectance index (SRI).

MAX endurance and adhesion

• MAX resistance to dirt from rain, atmospheric pollutants

• MAX shade stability

• MAX transpiration of the surface

• Certified cool color

• Specially reinforced HD shades for maximum durability


Available in white and in an unlimited number of shades through the Vitex Coloring System.





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