VITO Roof Insulator 3 L

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Acrylic Based Sealant

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Waterproofing material, acrylic base, highly elastic for roofs. It forms a single elastic, watertight membrane, without joints and joints. It is an economical and reliable waterproofing solution. It has good adhesion to any structural surface (concrete, brick, wood, metal, etc.). It presents excellent resistance to adverse weather conditions, ultraviolet radiation and temperature changes while maintaining its elasticity.

• Economical and reliable waterproofing solution
• Good adhesion to any structural surface
• Contributes to energy saving
• Certified cool color

Certified by the University of Athens, Department of Physics, for its properties as a cold roofing material, with:
Initial full-spectral reflectance in solar radiation SR = 0.84 (300-2500nm) (ASTM E 903-96 and ASTM G 159-98)
Infrared emission factor ε = 0.89 (ASTM E 408 –71 –2002)
Solar Reflectance Index SRI = 106 (ASTM E 1980-01)

Available in white.PROCESSING
The surfaces must be clean, dry and smooth, without dust, ‘greens’ or any loose materials.
In case of cracks, use Vitex Elastomeric Putty to cover them.
Surfaces are primed with Durovit diluted 30% with Brush Thinner T 300.

The product is stirred well before use. It is applied in two layers crosswise, with a difference of at least 24 hours between them, with a roller, brush or airless gun and diluted 5% with water for the first layer. The second layer is applied without dilution. It should not be applied at temperatures below 5°C, above 35°C and/or relative humidity above 70% or if there is a risk of rain or frost in the next forty-eight hours.
The product is dry to the touch in 2-3 hours and can be repainted after 24-48 hours. These times vary according to weather conditions (relative humidity and temperature).
Tools are cleaned immediately after use with water and if necessary with soap or detergent.


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