Importing Your Products With CSV Template

December 8, 2023

CSV Template is the fastest way to import and upload your products on Allantin, when selecting this option you send us your products as a complete product list that can be imported almost immediately. First you have to download the CSV Template file: On main page, choose My account (Up right corner)> IMPORT PRODUCTS (Down left)>DOWNLOAD CSV TEMPLATE. Before starting to fill the template we advise you to read carefully the example: CSV EXAMPLE so that you know how to complete the form correctly. The data you send to us via CSV Template is going to be imported into Allantin’s product listing in the proper categories made by us, if you have any preference on your products categorization you should contact us.




Filling the Template

Βefore you start populating the CSV you should read the CSV Example. Inside the CSV Example you can see light green columns, these are the essential ones to fill out. Every row refers to a product and every column refers to a product’s specification. As you can see every column from column A to column K has a specification naming like SKU, Regular price, Manufacturer etc. below which you will fill in your products details. Every product has its own row so every specification of a product should be in the same row (line) as the other specifications referring to this single product. So what you have to do is to start filling every row separately and horizontally for product’s specification which is written on the top of every column.



Inside the cells below this field you will fill the stock keeping unit of your product or simply the product’s code.


Product’s Name

Below Product’s Name field you will need to write your product’s title, we advise you to keep your titles short and comprehensive.


Short Description

Inside Short Description field’s cells you have to fill a description of maximum 5 words that explains your product succinctly. Product’s Short Description is going to be displayed below your product’s title and it will be visible from other users in category listing.



Your product’s full description. There is not a word limit so you can explain your product’s specifications and details as much as you need. You can also upload a PDF attachment with a detailed specification chart to let people understand your product’s usability in depth.


Here you fill in your product’s Manufacturer. If you are producing the product you have to write your business name as it is displayed in Allantin.



Below Images you should fill in the link of your images if they are uploaded somewhere on the internet. If not, you can send the images to us by email referring the name of your company and the name of the products as it is appeared on your CSV. The recommended dimensions are 800×800 px with aspect ratio of 1:1, it is not mandatory to have the required dimensions as the images are being edited by Allantin’s team before uploading.

Minimum Order Quantity (MOQ)

Below MOQ you can fill in the minimum order quantity that your customers can place on the specific product. This is not required field, if you don’t fill it we will set MOQ:1 by default.



Here you fill in the measurement unit for your product. Liter (lt) if its liquid, Kg if its an insulation board, a plasterboard or a similar product, Pieces if its an electrical machinery or a power tool, square meters and meters depending on the unit of measurement you want to relate to your product prices.


Quantity – Price

These two fields are filled together as a mini table, they are mandatory only if you want to give a predetermined price offer for a product depending on the quantity someone will order. As you can see from the CSV Example and the screenshot below you fill in the quantity and right next to it the piece price for that particular quantity as if it were a table. If you want to give a regular price for your product you will fill the number 1 in Quantity column cells and next to them the price of the product, this price will refer to a single product and not for a price table.

Sale Price

When you fill in a a sale price you should write also a regular price inside price column fields.