What Verified Seller Badge Means?

November 29, 2023

Allantin’s team can verify an account through valid procedures and security measures regarding product control and business validity.We start reviewing a business when they have a paid subscription and a verified payment method. After a business successfully passes all the inspection checks, earns the “Verified Seller” badge.


Why should you go for sellers with the “Verified Seller” badge?

All Verified Sellers participating in Allantin are selling verified quality products. You should pick verified sellers when looking to buy from Allantin.com because in this way you can be sure of the quality, quantity and immediate and safe transport of what you order.


What if I want to purchase products from a seller that doesn’t have “Verified Seller” badge?

Allantin make it possible for you to buy everything you wish regardless of the sellers’ accreditation. Ιf you have doubts about the solvency of a company but you like their products and prices we make sure you find out. We give you the ability to pay for an inspection service by third-party inspectors for products of sellers who do not have “Verified Seller” badge before actually buying the products. Allantin’s team will collect the payment, but will not send it to the inspectors until the businesses receive their inspection reports. The cost depends on the country-region, there will be a relevant price list.